Misty atmosphere in the Foresta umbra- Gargano NP-Italy. Foresta umbra
Killarney NP- Ireland Old forest
Forest printing
Primeval forest
Tribute to Christophe S-P (R.I.P.) ...
Somewhere in Sweden
Old-growth forest
Solid as a rock
Before winter
The land of the Capercaillie
Primeval forest
A sense of nature
Scandinavian atmosphere
Trres covered by load of mosses hanging of the branches. A natural and forgotten place in the heart of the Jura region (France). Picture in tribute to Christophe S-P. (R.I.P.). Untouched place#3
The leaves and the trunks
Touch of colors
Magic of Autumn
Along the river
Last leaves
Old forest
Vieille forêt
Trees and mosses
A forgotten place in the Jura/France. Picture in tribute to Christophe... Heart leaf
Landscape of a typical mossy wood forest ecosystem in the heart of Killarney NP- Ireland. Mossy wood
Cervus nippon in the forestal environment of Killarney NP during a late afternoon rainy day of April. Looking for the deer
The second life of the trees
Way to light
September atmosphere
Couleurs d'automne
Rwenzori mountains
Power of plants
Upper plants
Some trees...
Mountains landscape
Alpine moorland
Bog forest
Spirit of Rwenzori
Tropical forest
Maple trees
Couleurs d'automne
Primeval forest
Hêtres brumeux #4
Last sunray
Natural forest
November colors
Impression forestière #3
Botanical dream
Summer evening
Féerie d'avril
Blue forest#9
The power of plants
Ambiance primaire
March vision
Hêtraie de brume
First snow
Misty forest
Into the woods#3
Fallen trees
Pristine forest
November #6
'Christmas tree'
Bouleaux en septembre
Last leaves
Pins givrés
Diversité d'essences
Vieille forêt naurelle-automne
Vieux chêne
Wide angle
Hedenia abyssinica
Ambiance d'automne
Misty morning
Baignoire naturelle
First snow
Arbustre de givre
Winter landscape...
Ambiance glacée
First snow
Hêtraie hivernale
Natural forest#18
First snow
Golden leaves
Last sunray of the day
Natural atmosphere
Birch tree
Some trees...
En équilibre...
Beech forest at spring
Natural forest at Autumn
Atmosphère de novembre
Primary forest in winter
Impression de septembre
Variations d'automne #3
Matin de septembre
Wild garlic carpet
After rain
Into the woods
Paysage forestier avec floraison d'ail des ours (Allium ursinum) au mois de mai. Forest in bloom
Green leaves
Quietnness of a Summer evening
The second life of the tree#4
Hippo tree
Immersion forestière
Primary atmosphere#2
November #4
Natural composition
Giant oaks
Ambiance d'octobre #3
Matin brumeux #3
Matin calme...
Matin brumeux d'avril
Bluebells forest
April abstraction
Brume matinale
Misty morning#3
Ambiance automnale
Ambiance matinale #6
Charmes d'automne
Ambiance matinale #4
4.30 am
Second life
Just before the first snow
Reflet d'automne
Rivière d'automne
Vieux hêtres
Giant trunks
Natural mess
Eden #2
Old trees
Matin d'avril
Instant de brume
Primary atmosphere#3
Into the woods#3
Vieux orme - Parc national de Bialowieza
Old forest in Romania
Haute naturalité-forêt de Bialowieza
Windy day
Couleurs d'automne
End of Autumn
Stones and trees
Impression d'octobre #2
Beech trees
Vieil arbre mort recouvert de champignons lignicoles. La seconde vie de l'arbre
Natural forest
Bialowieza forest
Impression printanière
Flooded forest
Fagus sylvatica
Misty forest
Old Lime tree
Luxuriant forest
Bialowieza in May
Wild garlics carpet
Natural impression
Beech tree