Frederic Demeuse


End November / Hainich NP (Germany)

Primeval mood / Sweden

Beech trees forest/ Montenegro

Frankenthal in November / France

Pristine forest / Gemenele forest (Romania)

Primeval forest / Biogradska Gora (Montenegro)

Mpale tree in the primeval forest- Biogradska Gora NP/Montenegro.

Old trees / Vosgian mountains (France)

Vosgian forest in Autumn / France.

Green trunk / Killarney forest (Ireland)

Yew tree / Foresta Umbra (Italy)

Yew tree in the Foresta Umbra/ Gargano NP- Italy.

Natural forest / Bialowieza forest (Poland)

Scandinavian forest / Sweden

Primeval forest / Slovakia

Lichens / Hamra NP (Sweden)

Soft light / Tiveden NP (Sweden)

First snow

Natural disorder / Bialowieza forets (Poland)

View of a primeval forest in the Bialowieza National Park in Winter.

Killarney forest / Ireland

Finnish forest

Time suspended / Bialowieza forest (Poland)

Natural atmosphere / Bialowieza forest (Poland)

Beech trees forest / Massane (France)

Maple trees / Gemenele forest (Romania)

Blue forest#9 / Halle forest (Belgium)

Forestal immersion / France

Forest printing / Foresta Umbra (Italy)

Green leaves / Sonian forest (Belgium)

Misty morning / Sonian forest (Belgium)

Bialowieza forest in May

Pines / Sweden

Dead wood #3 / Maramurs mountains (Romania)

Primeval atmosphere #9 / Bialowieza forest (Poland

Old pines / Berezinsky (Bielorussia)

Beech trees / Massane (France)

Pyrenean mountains

Swedish atmosphere

Natural sighting / Tyresta NP (Sweden)

Mysterious forest / Foresta umbra (Italy)

Swedish forest

Bialowieza forest

Yew tree and mosses / Killarney NP (Ireland)

The land of the Capercaillie / Hamra NP (Sweden)

Deep wood / Sumava NP (Slovakia)

Viex on old forests / Balkan area

Retezat Np / Romania

Dead wood / Biogradska Gora nP (Montenegro)

Forest impression / Montenegro

Dead wood#2 / Biogradska Gora NP (Montenegro)

Primeval forest in Spring / Bialowieza NP (Poland)

Into the woods#3 / Vosgian mountains (France)

Biosphere reserve in Bialowieza NP / Poland

Mythical forest / Killarney NP (Ireland)

Polish forest

Just before sunset / Vosgian mountains (France)

Bialowieza forest in October / Poland

Pristine forest / Montenegro

Beech trees / Balkans

Old forest / Vosgian mountains (France)

Pristine view / Maramures area (Romania)

Balkan forest / Montenegro

Natural sighting #6 / Kocevje (Croatia)

Primeval beech trees forest / Nera forest (Romania

Natural composition / Kampinoski NP (Poland)

Old forest #9 / Alsace (France)

Sonian forest in November / Belgium

Natural chaos #7 / Bialowieza NP (Poland)

... / Slovakia

Natural forest / Bialowieza (Poland)

Point of view on a natural forest / Poland

Mountain forest

Autumn colors #9

Grand ventron / France


Lonely fox