Frederic Demeuse

Power of plants

Alpine moorland

Primeval forest

Foggy forest

Primeval forest

Old forest

Killarney NP- Ireland

Old-growth forest

Eden #2

Misty morning

Wintertime #3

First snow

Last light

A sense of nature


Untamed nature

Upper plants

Forgotten eden


Bog forest

Lost eden #3

Foggy morning

Matin calme...

Spring in primeval forest

Awakening of the forest

Sunrise a morning of late April in the Sonian forest / Belgium.


Soft light

Mosses and trees #3

The land of the Capercaillie

Somewhere in Sweden

Ferns power

Matin brumeux d'avril

Foresta umbra

Misty atmosphere in the Foresta umbra- Gargano NP-Italy.

Autumn magic

Atumn colours at their peak at the beginning of November in the Sonian forest- Brussels (Belgium)

First snow


Foresta Umbra in the Gargano peninsula after the rain.

Hêtraie de brume

Primeval atmosphere #7

Along the river

Blue forest#9 / Halle forest (Belgium)

Mixed forest

View of a mixed forest a rainy day of April.

The power of plants

Deep green



Summer eve

Wild garlics carpet

Killarney atmosphere


Killarney National Park- Ireland.

Last leaves


Blue waves


Instant de brume

Arbustre de givre

Frozen day

Vieux chênes

Pins givrés

Winter landscape...

Vieille forêt naurelle-automne

Ambiance d'automne

Baignoire naturelle

Hêtraie hivernale

'Christmas tree'

Golden leaves

Natural forest at Autumn

Last sunray of the day

Impression forestière #3

Mossy wood

Landscape of a typical mossy wood forest ecosystem in the heart of Killarney NP- Ireland.

Beech forest at spring

Couleurs d'automne

Matin de septembre

Primary forest in winter

Bialowieza forest

Flooded forest


Forest in bloom

Paysage forestier avec floraison d'ail des ours (Allium ursinum) au mois de mai.


Matin brumeux #3

Ambiance matinale #4

Quietnness of a Summer evening


Bluebells forest

Ambiance matinale #6

Ambiance automnale




Primeval forest

Matin d'avril

4.30 am

Primary atmosphere#3

Into the woods#3


Fagus sylvatica


Couleurs d'automne

End of Autumn

Stones and trees

Sonian forest

Impression printanière

Haute naturalité-forêt de Bialowieza



Alpine moorland

Monts Rwenzori - Ouganda