Frederic Demeuse

Deer winter

Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) looking for a congener in the Sonian beech trees forest in wintetime.

Looking for the deer

Cervus nippon in the forestal environment of Killarney NP during a late afternoon rainy day of April.

Lost tit? (Poecile montanus)


Hornbill's freedom

Vanishing act #3

Under the spotlights

Hopeless encounter with a Rwenzori Turaco (Tauraco johnstoni) perched on a tree in its natural environment. This species is endemic to the Albertine Rift and therefore only occurs in these montane forests.

Chamois forestier

The head of the forest

Black woodpecker

Black woodpecker (Dryocopus martius) in its environment of the Polish forest of Bialowieza in late April.

Among giants...

Lost among the trunks

Portrait of a wild bison in its natural environment of the Bialowieza forest/Poland. European bisons or 'wisents' are the largest land mammals of our continent and were nearly extinct at the beginning of last century. After my sixth stay in this forest and lot of attempts to meet the King of the forest iundergood circumstances, spending a couple of hours with wild old bulls in the heart of the Bialowieza primeval forest had something really special and magic.

Hungry monkey

Hidden zebra

Colobus guereza

Great blue walk


Great tit

In air #35


Lost bird #39

Long-tailed Tit

Lost tit #9

Woodpecker #3

Crested tit #3

Lost tit

Great tit in air

In air #21

In air #39 (Crested tit)


Monochrome tit


In air #15

Wood pigeons

In air #12


Lost bird #42

Touch of white

In air #21

Lost grebe #3

Spring singer

Wood warbler (Phylloscopus sibillatrix) singing in a mixed forest of Eastern Europe just after being back from its long migration journey in late April.

Ambiance d'octobre #3

Little grebes



Lost bird

Flycatcher habitat



Great-crested Grebe

Mallards's quietness

Misty morning

Lost grebe #3

Aythya fuligula

White ladies

Lost heron

Grey heron- Ardea cinerea

White lady

Great egret (Egretta alba) in flight above a lake in Winter. Virelles / Belgium


Little grebe

Anas crecca

Patience d'azur...

European kingfisher- Alcedo atthis

Lost bird #32


Poecile palustris

Lost bird #24

Fringilla montifrigilla

Lost bird #19

Blue tit


The acrobat (Sitta europaea)

Roe deer's winter

Instant d'épeiches


Tridactyle (Picoides tridactylus)

Vision d'azur

Black woodpecker

Lanius collurio

Wood warbler


Vision of Woodpecker

Middle-spotted Woodpecker during the breeding season in the "Foresta Umbra" (Gargano NP-Italy) at Spring. Double-exposure and hide.


Golden saxifrage

Vanishing act #9

Great tit- Parus major

Touch of life #9 marbre

Vanishing act


Black woodpecker?



Almost hidden #2

Woods encounter


Golden plover



Fulmarus glacialis

Fulmar in flight just above the sea level of Northern atlantic.

Roe deer? (Hallerbos)

Chevreuil (Capreolus capreolus) dans son environnement forestier.



Turdus merula

Sylvia song

Tone on tone

Mirror of Humanity

In the heart of the primeval forest of Kibale showing a focus on a male Chimpanzee' s hand (Pan troglodytes).

Red-breasted Flycatcher - Ficedula parva

Falcon impression

Artistic vision of a Falco vespertinus in flight above a grain field.


Muscicapa striata

Roe deer in winter

Blue tit

Egretta alba

Blue tit

Grey heron


Instantané de colvert

Wood pigeons

Lonely starling

Lost bird #54

Under the rainbow